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4800dpi 48 bit Flatbed-Scan

Reflection light method up to A4 / US-Letter A (216x297mm)

Photos, Text, Drawings, Printings, Papers

By light method up to 203x254mm

Slides, photographic plates

in large format, medium format and special sizes:

Medium format film stock

(Format 120, 220 in 6x4,5cm, 6x6cm, 6x9cm)

Large format slides 9x12 cm, 13x18cm, 18x24cm

Film cartridge format 124 (3x4 cm, 4x4 cm, 4x6,5 cm) on request.

APS film 16,7x30,2 mm, Pocket film (Format 110) 13x17 mm,

Minox film 8x11 mm on request.

Scan-Verfahren: Singlepass,  2x Multipass.

Colour range: 24bpp (3x8bpcRGB) or 48bpp (3x16bpcRGB)

File format: for 24bit: JPEG, TIFF, BMP, for 48bit: TIFF